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Texas has thousands of dedicated motorcyclists. Unfortunately, some of them die in motorcycle accidents every year on Texas roads. In 2019, 5,014 motorcyclists nationwide ended their lives in a fatal crash. Interestingly, the biggest jump in fatalities has been motorcyclists over the age of 40. motorcycle accident atorneys

By its very nature, driving a motorcycle is dangerous, leaving motorcyclists at greater risk for serious personal injury than other motorists. Those who have been involved in motorcycle accidents may face broken bones and other serious injuries, such as:

burn injuries
brain injuries
spinal cord injuries

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, you may have concerns about how your medical bills will be paid, whether you can collect your lost wages, whether you will be able to do your job, and are likely concerned about future wages. If a loved one has suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident, you may be facing long-term care issues as well. With these stressors, you don’t want to have to deal with insurance adjusters who will work hard to make sure you receive as little money as possible for your injuries. If you or a family member has been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, our motorcycle accident lawyers will protect your legal rights.


The U.S. Highway Safety Authority reported that motorcyclists are 209% more likely to be in a fatal crash than accidents involving passenger cars. Why the large disparity between motorcycles and other motor vehicles? Motorcycle collisions often occur because motorcycles, by their very nature, are smaller and more difficult to be seen. Statistics show that many collisions involving motorcycles are the fault of the other driver involved because they were not paying attention and failed to see the motorcyclists.

Too many accidents happen when motorists changing lanes fail to see the smaller motorcycle. Even low-speed impact collisions can cause serious injuries to motorcyclists.

Since there are so many laws that are specific to motorcycle accidents, it is important that those injured while riding a motorcycle contact a motorcycle accident attorney to help you with your legal claim and make sure that you are not taken advantage of by the insurance company.


Safety. Freedom of choice. These are two of the key arguments involved in the national debate over whether motorcyclists should wear helmets. Those who advocate for mandatory helmet laws argue that motorcyclists should wear helmets to protect against brain injuries in the event of an accident or hitting the ground. Helmet advocates also state that the cost of medical care for those who have suffered brain injuries while not wearing a helmet often falls on the taxpayers. If the Texas state legislature can require motorists to wear seat belts in their cars, they argue, so too should motorcyclists be forced to wear helmets.

Many motorcyclists who argue against wearing helmets say that helmets actually do more harm than good. Unlike modern seat belts that provide certain and identifiable benefits, they argue that helmets actually impair the motorcycle driver’s vision and hearing, making it more likely for an accident. Others argue that the weight of the helmets actually increases spine and neck injuries.

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration funded an extensive motorcycle accident study referred to as the Motorcycle Accident Cause Factors and Identification of Countermeasures. This study is often referred to as the Hurt Study after lead researcher Harry Hurt. Here are many of the conclusions reached by this study:

Most accidents involving motorcycles happen because motorists do not see the motorcyclist.
77% of two-vehicle accidents occur in the 10, 11, 12, 1, and 2 o’clock positions of the motorcycle. Rear-ed impact accidents where the motorcycle hits the back of another motor vehicle occur in only about 3% of accidents.
Two-thirds of the accidents involving multiple vehicles, the driver of the other vehicle violated the motorcyclist’s right-of-way, causing the accident.
Most motorcycle accidents occur on short trips, very close to the point of origin.
92% of motorcyclists involved in accidents received no formal training; rather they were self-taught or learned from family or friends.
Lack of attention to the driving task is a common factor for the motorcyclist in an accident.
73% of the accident-involved motorcycle riders used no eye protection and it is likely that the wind on the unprotected eyes contributed to impairment of vision, which delayed hazard detection.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers can help you if you have been involved in a motorcycle collision. Our Law Firm has the experience necessary to help those injured through no fault of their own while driving or riding a motorcycle.

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When Accidents Cause Injuries

Lives are forever changed in a split second. Accidents can have a dramatic impact on an individual, especially if they were badly injured. Injuries caused by someone or something that could have been prevented compounds the situation even further. Caught up in the new routine of medical care and treatment schedules brings your previous life to a screeching halt. You may wonder how you’re going to fully recover and get back to work. You may wonder about a lot of things. Answers are available. Speaking with a personal injury attorney may provide you with a thorough evaluation of your rights in this particular situation. You may in fact be entitled to seek compensation for treatment of your injuries and loss of wages, and maybe accident lawyer

Our Law Office has helped many clients get the compensation needed to reach a full recovery. Establishing the negligent or at-fault party clarifies the various options for legal recourse. We review the circumstances of your injury and inform you of your rights to take action. Our legal team is dedicated to delivering personal service and seeking justice on your behalf.

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One of the most common causes of injuries in the United States is car accidents. Thousands of men, women, and children are injured or killed each year due to auto accidents and truck accidents. Such accidents frequently cause serious injuries such as brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and in worst cases wrongful death. If you or someone you love has been injured in an auto accident, a drunk driving accident, a motorcycle accident, or a bus accident, we can assist you in pursuing maximum compensation.

Were you injured by a dangerous or defective product? Each year manufacturers release all types of defective products on the consumer market. Often times these products are recalled after they have caused serious injuries to the public. We are not afraid to go head to head with a large drug manufacturer, toy manufacturer, tool manufacturer or another manufacturer. Large corporations have a certain responsibility towards the public and they should not release dangerous products on the consumer market. When they do make such errors, they should be held accountable for their negligent actions. We also represent those that have been injured on someone else’s property. These are called premises liability claims. Such accidents may involve a dog bite or attack, or a slip and fall injury.

Children are unable to fend for themselves, for this reason when a child is injured; it’s usually as a result of someone else’s negligence. Children’s injuries can stem from car accidents, dangerous toys or cribs, dangerous drugs, drowning in a hotel pool or at a daycare, or from a pedestrian accident. If your son or daughter has become injured in a preventable accident, we would like to help. We have many years of experience advocating on behalf of injured children as well as the victims of nursing home abuse.

Considering how much time people spend on the job each and every day, workplace injuries are a fact of life. While certain occupations are inherently more dangerous than others, people still get injured at some of the safest jobs. Whether you work on an oil rig, in construction, or at an office, we understand that on the job injuries can happen to all types of workers. If you were injured during the course of your work, we understand the importance of securing workers’ compensation as soon as possible and for the duration that you need. We can help streamline the process for you and ensure that you follow the proper protocol, that way you can have the greatest chance of receiving the compensation that is due.

If your loved one lost their lives in a preventable accident, you may be entitled to compensation under a wrongful death lawsuit. We represent spouses, children, and other family members in their wrongful death claims. Such compensation may cover the victim’s medical bills, funeral expenses, as well as provide the family with compensation for lost income among a host of other damages.

We are available to discuss the details of your case. We will answer any questions you may have. We want to make sure you are well-informed and confident in the decision you are about to make. The decision to take legal action is a personal choice. We are here to guide and assist you with that decision. Our goal is to get you the maximum compensation you may be entitled to receive for your injuries.

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Even though medical mistakes harm thousands of persons every year, in Texas, healthcare providers win ninety-eight percent (98%) of cases that go to trial. This means that you must have a very qualified and experienced attorney to have a chance.

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Even minor impacts can result in devastating injuries to a motorcycle rider and passenger. It is common that larger vehicles may turn or make lane changes in the path of motorcycles, resulting in accidents that are unavoidable for the cyclist and can cause life changing injuries.motorcycle accident atorneys
We are dedicated to protecting the rights of motorcycle riders in assuring that they receive fair compensation for injuries that are caused by someone else’s fault.

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No amount of money can compensate a person for the tragic loss of a loved one as a result of the fault of another. All too often, innocent people suffer as a result of the acts of a drunk driver or negligence and carelessness of others.