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Medical Malpractice Attorney

Even though medical mistakes harm thousands of persons every year, in Texas, healthcare providers win ninety-eight percent (98%) of cases that go to trial. This means that you must have a very qualified and experienced attorney to have a chance.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney
Even minor impacts can result in devastating injuries to a motorcycle rider and passenger. It is common that larger vehicles may turn or make lane changes in the path of motorcycles, resulting in accidents that are unavoidable for the cyclist and can cause life changing injuries.motorcycle accident atorneys
We are dedicated to protecting the rights of motorcycle riders in assuring that they receive fair compensation for injuries that are caused by someone else’s fault.

Wrongful Death Lawyer
No amount of money can compensate a person for the tragic loss of a loved one as a result of the fault of another. All too often, innocent people suffer as a result of the acts of a drunk driver or negligence and carelessness of others.

Probate Lawyer

Most people realize the need for a Will, but many do not understand why. A properly prepared Will makes things easier for your loved ones, assures that your property goes according to your wishes, and, often, saves taxes and expenses.
We can provide assistance in preparation of your Will and estate plan so that your wishes are fulfilled, the difficulty on your family members and survivors is minimized and the maximum amount is passed to your heirs rather than paid in taxes.

Will Contests
Occasionally questions are raised as to whether a Will was properly prepared and whether it truly represents the wishes of the loved one. In those cases, the attorneys at Rassas, North & Associates can assist you in reviewing the Will and the estate, to determine the validity of the Will, and if necessary, challenge a Will that is not proper due to irregularities, including undue influence or lack of mental capacity.

Professional and Aggressive Family Attorney

For most law firms, the phrase Family Law refers to divorce, custody, support and adoptions. While our firm handles all those matters, we consider ourselves family advocates and make every effort to resolve issues in favor of maintaining the marriage and family unit, whenever such can be done without prejudicing the interests of our client, their well being, their physical safety and emotional and financial well-being.

Before accepting any action for divorce, we assure that other options have been considered. We frequently make referrals to family counselors. We would rather lose a perspective client than to encourage a divorce when the marriage can be saved.

Sadly, when one party files a divorce, the other spouse, like it or not, must retain effective counsel to protect their interest and the interests of their children. In addition, there are numerous examples of instances where a marriage can no longer be maintained without being a threat to the physical, emotional and economic well-being of the other partner and children.
Family law to us is a very personal matter that requires not only legal skill and experience, but care and concern for our clients.