With a busy interstate highway, a large military base, and a growing community, Clarksville and Montgomery County have a high traffic volume of buses, large trucks, and 18-wheelers that often carry loads from 10,000 to 80,000 pounds. When a truck crashes into an automobile, the impact is enormous, generally demolishing the car and resulting in serious injury. One statistic has shown that 10% of people injured in large truck collisions die.
While many truck drivers abide by the law and operate their vehicles safely, too many violate rules of the road and other safety regulations. Some over-the-road truck drivers have been known to speed to meet deadlines, drive long hours, and often rely on stimulants to fight fatigue.


Property owners who invite others onto their property have a responsibility for the safety of their guests. That means either removing dangerous conditions that might cause people to trip or slip and fall or warning people about those conditions.

If you have been injured in a trip/slip and fall incident, it is extremely urgent to accurately document the accident scene immediately. In order to obtain compensation from the property owner, you will need to demonstrate the exact type of negligence that caused your fall.

Even if you are seriously injured, it is hard to make a case that you deserve compensation unless we can identify a specific property-related defect that caused you to slip/trip and fall.


When you entrust your children to the care of school personnel during the school day, the school system has a heavy legal and moral responsibility to make sure they are protected and provided with a safe environment for learning and growing.All too often, when school employees fail to live up to their responsibilities and behave negligently or abusively, children are seriously injured as a result. Our law firm uses litigation to hold schools accountable for their failures.
We have represented children and their parents in cases involving inadequate supervision, assaults by school employees, children being instructed to take dangerous actions, failure to provide emergency attention, and other school injury circumstances.